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Why should jewelry be made of hypoallergenic materials?


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The ring on the ring finger

2024-03-23 10:46:40

Love is the marriage of the antidote, only a love marriage, ring finger ring can exist forever, I want to love you to the old


Mr. St. John is a retired teacher. When he was 62 years old, he was deceived by his original school and returned to work. He mainly did some housekeeping work. Many people had some doubts about the school's practices. There are plenty of able-bodied teachers, so why bother with another old man in his 60s? But soon, people's doubts were dispelled. Mr. St. John works as well as anyone else. He has quick thinking and excellent eloquence. His desk is always organized. The items he keeps are labeled and then marked in the record book. He often reminds young people: "Hi, young man, it's time to return the book you borrowed last time." His memory is also good.


Soon, someone discovered the clue. The first thing Mr. St. John does when he comes to the office every day is drink water. Then he takes out a small bottle from his briefcase, pours a handful of medicine into his mouth, and raises his neck to deliver the water. His old colleagues are all familiar with this. It was a habit, but now everyone found that after he walked into the office, he often drank water first, and then called his wife Luna, I have my medicine at home, please bring it to me. Luna showed up in the office after I was an hour, and she His expression was a little angry, and he handed him the medicine unkindly, but he didn't care. He looked at his wife's face, hehe, smiled and said thank you. Luna's complexion was a little sallow and her hair was dry.

After watching him finish the medicine, Luna turned around and left without saying hello to other colleagues, so I teased him: "Don't forget to bring the medicine next time."

Another time, the sun was still shining brightly when St. John called Luna, but within ten minutes of putting down the phone, the sky became overcast and it started to rain immediately. When St. John looked out the window in panic and kept calling home, no one answered. He hurriedly opened the closet, took out a handful and was about to go out, but the door opened and Luna appeared at the door of the office, soaked to the skin. St. John came up to him with perfect shame like a child who had done something wrong. When Luna was about to hand it to him, she also said: "You forgetful ghost." Although Luna was soaked, he still looked at her as usual. He asked St. John to take the medicine before leaving. Over the years, the two of them had cared about and loved each other. Just because they wear the same ring on their ring fingers. This classic ring has been with them for 40 years, tying their hearts together and relying on them closely!

Happiness means that when the passion fades and the face ages, the hands that hold you without regrets are still there; the heart that never looks back is still with you; the love that never cools down is still the one that warms you.